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Over ten years of travel experience around the world and have gone through both the pretty and the ugly traveling can bring, I am EXCITED to create travel guides and itineraries for other travel enthusiasts. These itineraries and guides are created just as if I were getting ready to embark on an adventure. The only difference is I personalize the travel guides to your liking and YOUR taste!
You can follow that as a guide and experience the city like I would along with some travel tips, accommodation options, commute, cdc requirements etc.

Traveling like a local never felt so good! Experience the world like CURLS! Immerse in cultures, learn and grow from others while learning more about yourself along the way.

Are you planning your next trip but don’t know where to start or don’t want to worry about the stress and hassle of planning your next destination getaway? 

Many people report that some aspects of travel are stressful, such as financial concernspackingmaking travel arrangements, and developing the itinerary. Those who say a travel experience is stressful are much less likely to benefit from the potential positive effects of their trip. However, the good news is that in many cases, there are ways to prevent or reduce the stressors. As a traveler myself, I have experienced the most common stressors while traveling. Therefore, I have developed a travel planning strategy that will help me be well prepared before embarking on my next travel journey.

I am excited to share my years of travel experiences with you so you, too, can experience a seamless and enjoyable travel planning process and eliminate all the stressors traveling can bring!

Travel With Curl’s travel planning and itineraries will include:

The process: 

The investment:

Full travel guide experience:

Investment starting at: $350

Travel Consultation: This is if you have any questions or concerns you’d like clarity on and get feedback from a travel expert. We will have a hour one-on-one call to make sure you are ready and well prepared for your trip. The objective of the call is to lessen any hurdles or setbacks that can occur.

Total investment: $145

Please send me an inquiry, and let’s get the process going. The only thing you have to worry about is ENJOYING your trip and MAKING memories. Leave the heavyweight stuff to me 🙂

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