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I travel often, that’s why having the right travel essentials is a must. I have collaborated with brands that bring joy and convenience to my travels.

Also, It was a must for me to show off the talent behind the beautiful photos captured from each of my travels. Please feel free to visit their pages, and check out their other mouth dropping work! If you are interested in collaborating, please email me at

Chic Wish List

” Headquartered in Times Square, NYC, this trendy and woman empowerment brand is bringing fashion and woman from all over the world together. Each woman from any culture shares the same love and admiration for fashion.”

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MiKasa Beauty

“Mikasa Beauty is a new makeup brush company that is located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. As a new brand, we are focused in delivering essential brushes with the finest quality. In order for us to compete with established brand names, we limit our marketing and product line extensions. We are fully committed in mastering our craft for essential makeup brushes, and to retain very affordable pricing.”


Ideal of Sweden

“The iDeal Concept is a system of interchangeable products that bring design and function to life. nspired by the latest fashion and trends, together with innovative thinking, iDeal Of Sweden blends our fashionable cases in this year’s colors and patterns with our functional and Swedish styled wallets. Mix and match to create your perfect combination.

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Whitefrost Charcoal

“Whitefrost Coconut 100% Natural Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder gives you whiter teeth and fresh breath after the first use, with advanced EU formula safe for sensitive teeth.”

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Orlando, Florida

Sydney Marie:

A destination wedding & portrait photographer living in Orlando, FL + Cincinnati + Atlanta! As a photographer, her mission is to wholeheartedly serve the people around here.


Daniel Barreto:

“Daniel Barreto is a photographer and videographer based in Orlando, Florida.”


Fabricia Ramiro:

“I`m Fabricia, a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Oslo. Originally I`m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro but I also lived in Houston, TX. I speak Portuguese, English and Norwegian.
I have discovered my passion for photography 11 years ago when I took my first photography class at Rice University, Texas.
I have worked as a dentist for 14 years and from the dentistry, I brought my perfectionist eye to my pictures.
In 2012, I moved to Oslo when finally I decided to follow my heart and started to work as a portrait photographer.
Oslo is an amazing city, a mix of old and modern, the nature is stunning during the four seasons and I like to explore these features on my pictures.”



Lia Che:

“Sweet studio was founded in 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2013, cofounder Lia Che went to United States to study in Boston and began her career in photography. Another cofounder Shasha was teach by famous pastry chef in Shanghai and began her career in baking.”




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