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Never did I imagine I would be writing about makeup products on my blog, never say never right? This is a first but definitely not my last. It was fun experimenting the different makeup brushes on my skin. I made sure to test the brushes for over two weeks before I began on writing this post. First of all, I do not want to write or share something I do not test on myself, and also strongly believe in. Without further ado, I introduce to you ladies the makeup brushes that have changed the way I apply makeup. I am a woman who does not wear much makeup; heck makeup is one of my least favorite hobbies. However, I know of the importance to having some level of knowledge about it, as women we should be aware of valuable and good quality beauty products shouldn’t we?

Before MiKasa Beauty contacted me to try some of their brushes, I was using a combination of makeup utensils, from generic to branded makeup brushes. My skin is ultra sensitive, and because of its sensitivity, I had to be mindful on which brushes I use. With that being said, I was skeptical on trying out these new makeup brushes on my skin that I haven’t even heard of or seen in stores before. I did some research and found out that they are based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and work closely with makeup professionals, therefore they have to select high quality brush hair and materials for the handle and ferrule. Then I though to myself, if makeup artists are using these brushes, let’s give it a shot.

Sometimes in life we have to be risk takers, if not, then how will we know there is something better out there waiting for us. I decided to be a risk taker and use these products on myself. First time I used it, I made sure that when I applied my liquid foundation on, it didn’t leave crease marks on my face, that’s important! Well, guess what, with the first couple of strokes, it had already passed the test. Second, I made sure no brush bristles were left behind, and guess what, non were seen after I finished applying my liquid foundation.

I then decided to use their other brushes that they offer to complete my daily natural look. I used their eyebrow brush, eye shadow, foundation, powder, blush and bronzer brushes. I have to admit, I was impressed! I am very picky when it comes to using products that make contact with my skin, especially the face area.

It’s been almost a month now and I am still happily using MiKasa’s Beauty products! I have even decided to start expanding and buying other products that they sell such as cleaning tools for the brushes, bodyography cosmetics and nail products! Want to have an experience of MiKasa’s beauty products yourself?

Get 25% Off Using Coupon Code: TWITHCURLS25 and give it a try yourself, who knows, you might end up like me loving these products! If you end up testing these product out, let me know how they worked for you, I would love to hear about you experience 🙂

Why Travel?

Traveling is an experience of a lifetime…..

My recent posts only share my travel adventures; however, I wanted to take it a step deeper and get rooted into the base of it all. Why travel? Let’s break it down a bit. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t travel right? Long lines at the airport leading to security, it can be expensive, you have to buy a whole new wardrobe depending on the climate difference or just travel essentials you might not have. Wait, you can’t forget about the endless number of hours searching for good deals on hotels, flight tickets and planning your whole travel itinerary. Heck, traveling is time consuming and a money eater!

Yes, I may sound like a pessimist and hypocrite right now since I am a travel blogger, but just wait… there is always light at the end of the tunnel 😉 In addition, many times all of the bad is oddly or rarely mentioned. Just the good and the positive things are shared and the end result of it all. For instance, one of my trips to Oslo last year, I ended up experiencing a 10-hour delay, which made me miss my connecting flight. Long story short, I ended up going on an unexpected trip to Moscow for a quick vodka shot before heading over to my initial point of destination. Okay, okay… I was just being stereotypical there; but come on; I know you were thinking it!

Needless to say, I only documented my end result journey, which included how marvelous my time spent in Oslo was. Included in my post, I shared the beautiful scenery of the city that I saw throughout my journey. But the process of getting there was a sleepless and hectic one. Yes, traveling is not as seamless and glorious as many people portray it to be. Even myself… guilty!


Once I’m on that flight, the pilot has taken all necessary measures for departure and makes the announcement for all flight attendants to be seated for takeoff, my heart starts racing and I start to low-key panic. I begin to voice out my own thoughts under my breath, “why do I keep on doing this to myself when I know I am afraid of flying?!” The thought of my arrival at my destination throughout the duration of the time that I am thousands and thousands of feet up in the air, keeps me sane and focused while I am sunken into my seat on the plane. Once the captain’s voice appears in the intercom and announces our preparation for landing, my heart skips a beat. This isn’t due to my anxiety, but by the excitement of landing and embarking on my travels.

Lia with I love Sweet Studio Photography

As I previously mentioned, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Let it begin. The thought of experiencing the unknown gets my adrenaline going. Once I step off the plane and breathe in crisp, new air full of endless opportunities, I know adventures and new knowledge await me. I completely forget about the emotional drain the process of arriving had caused me. Then, I am ready to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Fabricia Ramiro Photography

Traveling, to me, can be best defined as an investment for a lifetime, filled with stories to tell. I also view travelling as an investment for personal growth. I can assure you that once you travel outside of your comfort zone, your life will change forever. Why do I express with my opinion such certainty?  Because once you arrive at a new place your body is unaware of, survival mode kicks in and your mind and body automatically opens up to what awaits. You start to notice the differences in the lifestyle, languages and food. Overall, you start to experience and be part of a different culture. It’s an experience like no other… far beyond what you would’ve imagined before embarking on such a journey.

Human beings are wired to always want more after experiencing something that is out-of-the-ordinary. It is similar to when one first start training. The process of adjusting and seeing results can be time consuming and somewhat draining to the body; however, once results start to appear and are visible, you start feeling better internally and externally. One then begins to grow more confident throughout the process. Our bodies begin to ask for more and more training, which provides a consistent, healthier lifestyle. Very similar when you travel, once you experience a taste outside of the ordinary, you immediately want to experience more. Including culture, more knowledge of a different setting, lifestyle, food, etc. That’s when you start to see the world in a different way.

You begin to realize there is much more to life than your little town where you grew up. There are more people out there to meet and discover other than your own group of friends. You will be surprised what happens once you open your mind to experience different cultures. You’ll come to find out that regardless of the cultural differences, there are many similarities and interests in common shared amongst the locals of the city you visit.

After reading some articles about traveling, there are some points that are mentioned repeatedly. I will be sharing with you some points I can relate with, as well as my personal touch and experience to each of the following points:

Why travel?

One of the BIGGEST and obvious changes about myself that I noticed after I started traveling was becoming a better conversationalist. You can seriously pick up a conversation and connect with just anyone you meet, no matter what his or her professional background is. When traveling, you become a lot more attentive to your surroundings and the people around you. Picking up a conversation with a person from another background in the city of travel destination helps one become much more open-minded, less judgmental and gives you the boost of confidence needed to strike a conversation.

Personal Tip:

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. There is going to be some moments during your travels where you might feel out of place or home sick; trust me, this will happen. Accept the change! Once you accept the change in time, climate and culture, your body will slowly start to adapt to the changes. You will also, slowly break out of your shell and welcome in new experiences, friendships and lifelong memories!

Traveling is easier than you think

Many have asked me how I can travel so much when traveling is not cheap? There are many things in our daily lives that we either consume or wear that is not cheap or the smartest buys. Sometimes we have to draw out wants and needs to see which one of our frequent purchases should we eliminate. By doing this, we can put that money into a travel savings account. If you make time to go out to drink, eat, shop, you can make time to travel. It’s up to you to make the dream come true and to take the first step.

Travel opens your eyes

Once you see this world has more to offer, you will start to see things in a wider lens vision. Instead of focusing on the obvious, you’ll start to open your mind and notice the bigger picture. Once the wide lens glasses are put on, you’ll never want to take them off. If you’re open and willing, travel will make you a more incredibly well rounded human being. Surely that’s the end goal, right?

Traveling helps you learn who you are

Sometimes when isolated, you hear your own thoughts and you voice becomes clearer to you. When you travel, your refresh button is turned on. Your mind starts to wonder on your goals, dreams and ambitions. This is because you accomplished something great by just travelling!  YOU got yourself there, meaning that if you use the same energy, discipline and planning, you are capable of doing beyond of what you can imagine. You learn what your passion is and what your strengths and weakness are.

Travel helps you learn new languages

Hearing a language that you didn’t know existed just a few weeks before is an incredible feeling. It’s like light bulb has turned one and it stays on. You notice that learning different languages to converse with the locals is fun and a great icebreaker too! Who need Rosetta Stone when you have the locals of each country out there eager to share their culture with you. But don’t forget, if you don’t use it… you’ll lose it!

Traveling gives you perspective

Meeting people from other cultures will teach you that the way you’ve been looking at the world is not always the way everyone else does. In fact, your point-of-view might have some major blind spots. Seeing the world for yourself will improve your vision and improve your grip on reality. In the end, it will help us become less judgmental and more understanding; hence, steering us away from ethnocentrism.

Travel is education

Are you not a fan of school and can’t remember the last time you opened a book to read? When you travel, you have an endless amount of information that is out there, ready for you to discover! Seeing the world provides an education that’s absolutely impossible get in school. Travel teaches you economy, politics, history, geography and sociology in an intense, hands-on way no class will.

Travel challenges you

Getting lost alone at 2 AM in a completely different country, where a different language is spoken, is scary. You start thinking the worst and panic starts to creep on you. However, when you later find a solution, and only you were the one to get yourself out of that lonely situation. Later, this experience becomes a comic story to share with friends. Travel is full of moments of joy and challenges. Overcoming the challenges gives you some of the greatest joys of all.

Travel is literally food for thought

Taste the world’s delicacies while traveling around the world that will give you a variety of delicious options to choose from. Your taste buds won’t believe what they’ve been missing out of this whole time! You will experience the way people in other cultures and countries prepare food. The best part is breaking bread together… it’s astounding!

At the end, traveling helps you realize, that home is not a place, but where the heart is….

 Fabricia Ramiro Photography

Did you enjoy this T R A V E L  U N R A V E L E D series? Want to read more on topics that interest you about traveling? Send us an e-mail at: Travelwithcurls@gmail.com with your request. I would love to feature you in my next post!

Touch Down in London Town PT I

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen


Touch- down in London-town! After a 7-hour flight, my legs were ready to sprint out of the plane and smell the fish & chips in the air (funny thing is I don’t even like fish & chips). It was lunchtime when I arrived and I was craving everything in sight. I had only two days in this beautiful city until it was time to catch the next flight. What to do in such a big city with so little time? Lets face it, there is never a dull moment in London, the options are endless. Once I stepped off the plane, I ran over to passport control and was welcomed back to London by one of the friendliest officers EVER! We had such a nice chat, I felt we needed a table to sit at and continue our conversation over a cup of tea.

As I was walking over to the baggage claim area, my heart started beating faster and faster, hoping my luggage made it over. Once I got closer to the conveyor belt, a big smile from ear to ear appeared on my face because my bag was one of the first to come out – YES! Now it’s time to Travel With Curls! I had a busy agenda ahead of me so needing to balance both work and pleasure, I decided to stay in the heart of London where commuting was much faster and more convenient.

**Fun Fact**
All London airports have easy access into the city either via train or underground (metro). Avoid taking cabs and travel with the locals by using public transportation.

I rushed over to the Gatwick Airport train station, purchased my one-way ticket to London Victoria and embarked on my journey. Once I arrived at the hotel, I freshened up and got ready to head out to meet with one of my good old friends, Jack, for lunch. A little bit about this hotel –  from the outside you would never guess it’s a hotel because it blends in so well with the other buildings and has a very traditional British look. I felt as if I was a local walking in and out of my apartment. After a nice shower and change of clean clothes, I walked over to London Victoria Station.

What is the best thing about Central London? Walking! You are constantly on your feet, walking from the underground, to trains and busses. It’s always a cardio session so you get to burn off all the delicious food this wonderful city has to offer. In London, there isn’t only pub-crawling, but also food-hopping. Talk about having best of both worlds, right? Before I had the chance to step out of the hotel I glanced out the window and noticed the rain coming down.


**Quick Tip**
ALWAYS carry a mini-umbrella with you before heading out to Central London. One minute it could be warm and sunny, the next minute it’s cold and raining. The weather is nothing you can control, but definitely something you can be prepared for.

Luckily, the front desk came to the rescue and handed me an umbrella to borrow for the day. The 7-minute walk to the station was quite a peaceful one. Hearing the raindrops fall on the umbrella, feeling the cold breeze on my skin and enjoying the view of the white pearl buildings with grey skies was a great way to start my day. Although it wasn’t paradise weather, London still looked beautiful in its own majestic way.



Once I entered the station I met up with Jack and he asked if I wanted to take a cab over to the restaurant. I refused and suggested we should walk and take public transportation instead. I get to know and really feel the city a lot more on my feet. After a ride on the underground and some light walking, we arrived at our destination – a hole in the wall Peruvian restaurant calledTierra Peru. In the back of my mind I was asking myself why would Jack, knowing that I am Hispanic, take me to a Latin restaurant? I have traveled overseas to experience different cultures and try their delicacies.

**Fun Fact**
London has a restaurant to suit just every cuisine in the world! If your taste buds are feeling Asian or Italian, you will have a plethora of choice to choose from – just take your pick!

Sure enough I was left speechless! Not only was the food finger-licking good, but the service was also exceptional. They treated us as if we were family visiting their home. The service is given by the owner’s themselves – WOW! Our server shared with us how much they’ve missed Peru. Him and his family turned the love for their home into a family owned business and brought a taste of Peru right to the heart of London. Not only did they want to bring a peace of home with them, they wanted to share it with others too. We all know food is the best way to bring people from different backgrounds together. With a lack of words, this place definitely hit the mind, body and soul


So many laughs and great conversations were exchanged,. After awhile, we looked at the time and decided to move forward with our next journey – Hello London Pubs! You can’t go wrong with stepping foot into a pub. Yes, of course people go to pubs to have a beer or two, or maybe three, or they might even want to completely lose recollection of that night, but the London pubs offer so much more than just beer!

Walking into any pub is like opening the doors to a British History museum. The interior and décors are a very traditional, British style which makes me feel as if I have time travelled back in time. I look for authenticity and originality during my travels so I definitely experience it when I walk into a UK pub. Now, what to drink when there are so many options? Personally, I’ve never experienced the love for cider until I moved to the UK. Bulmer’s cider is a must-have for sure!

Our night was coming to an end and we wanted to end it strong. We made our way over to Brixton town. Brixton is a lively, multi-cultural area with a down-to-earth vibe. What better way to end the night in such an upbeat area, right? Once we arrived toBrixton, we started making our way over to the HootanannyRaucous music venue with mouth-watering food. After all that walking, we weren’t only thirsty, but HANGRY as well. A personal pie pizza never looked so good!

To think, this whole adventure happened the same day I arrived! It was time to call it a night after the pipe musician finished his set; this guy was on fire. Up on stage with a kilt skirt on and blowing the crowd away with his breathtaking, piping-playing skills, it was something my eyes and ears had to capture before I departed. London you are truly one of a kind


Stay tuned for London Pt II….

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Welcome to Oslo, Norway! (Part I)


“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca


Lets travel over to Scandinavia to one of my favorite countries there, Norway. I’ve been asked many times, “Why Norway?” Only a few years back, 4 years to be exact, many in the States were asking me where Norway was located on the map…because they’ve never heard of it. If you are like me and grew up 15min from Disney World, the only way we knew of Norway was because of the international pavilion at Epcot. Ironically, that was my favorite country to visit in the park because of the Viking ride!

I’ve been excited to share this adventure with you, as it’s my first Europe trip I post. Hope you guys will enjoy our “Part I” journey to the biggest city and Capital of Norway.

Velkomen til Oslo!


Lets start off with a FUN FACT!

*Fun Fact*

**Norway, only a few years has previously become a single kingdom. 112 years as of today. Their independence (Norway’s 4th of July) is on May 17th. Large street parade happens on this day and The Royal Family makes an appearance on the balcony of the palace. Meanwhile, people from all regions dress in traditional wear, different regions have it’s own history and it’s portrayed on the garments of each traditional costume, it’s absolutely a spectacular sight to witness! **


Ahhh the fresh crisp air! Once I land on Viking ground the air is something to always look forward to when traveling to Oslo. Every time I fly overseas, I fly with Norwegian airlines. The new 787 Dreamliner aircraft makes over sea flights so comfortable for your bum and your pocket. Prices are reasonable and traveling seems less of a hassle.

*Quick tip*

**When booking your flight to Europe, usually through Norwegian airlines, you will find very reasonable prices. It is actually less expensive if you fly into Oslo and use it as a starting point to venture out on your European adventure. Flights are usually cheaper when flying in and out of Oslo. HUGE perk, you get to visit a new country on your way to traveling to other cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Now OSLO!**

Customs and Boarder Protection is usually a breeze, the less you say the better. “What is the purpose of your visit?” “I’m here to visit friends”. “How long are you staying for?” “I’m only here for (X) amount of days”. The less you say the smoother and faster you’ll be out and about.

Once I pass customs I am in awe just staring outside the windows of the Oslo, Airport, Gardermoen. Every step you take on your way to the baggage claim is one to admire. No matter the season, its always one heck of a view. I either see an all white view, or a rich green landscape layout right before my eyes. Either or it’s always a beautiful view!

Before collecting my luggage, I make a pit stop at the Duty Free section. Great selection of goodies! From skin care products to delicious Norwegian Chocolate. Just show the cashiers your boarding pass, and you’ll be purchasing all of your goodies tax FREE.


*Quick Tip*

**If you’re planning on buying any alcohol, candy, skin care products etc., it’s highly recommended to get it in the Duty Free section on your way in or out of the airport to avoid paying taxes (Value-added tax, VAT). Norway is one of the countries with the highest value-added tax, alongside, Denmark, Sweden and Croatia. ALSO, if you happen to go on a shopping spree or buy things outside of the airport, ask for a tax-refund slip, as you can claim your taxes back at the airport with Global Blue before leaving the country.**

Once you walk outside arrivals you will immediately feel the Scandinavian ambiance, surrounded by all of it’s high-tech and modern amenities. We can quickly start with taking our very first ride into the city using the high-speed shuttles from the airport, FlytoGet and the NSB train. Which train/shuttle do I recommend taking? They are both very comfortable. If you are in no rush, I would highly suggest to take the NSB Train, with only NOK 92=11USD, you will arrive in the city or airport in less than half an hour at a reasonable price. If you’re a student, you will get a discounted rate, so make sure to have your Student ID’s with you!

*Quick Tip*

**You will save time purchasing the transportation tickets at the machines stationed right before entering the train platforms. There are people who work there to assist if you have any questions. English is a language that is well understood and spoken, especially with the younger generation.**

Now I am on my way to Oslo S, Oslo Central Station, Norway’s largest rail station & terminus. Once entering into the heart of Oslo your options is endless. For example, “Oslo City”, an indoor mall consisting of different clothing stores and restaurants, you can also buy liquor here.


*Fun Fact*

**You have to be 18 years old to buy alcohol (wine, beer) but 20 to purchase hard liquor. Majority of the clubs and bars have an age restriction of 20-21years of age. Also, grocery stores sell beer and cider, but they are not permitted to sell anything above 4.7% alcohol content, and are only allowed to sell before 8PM on weekdays and before 6 PM on Saturday’s. Get THIS! On Sundays and some holidays, NO alcohol is sold, AT ALL.**

I remember the day before the 17th of May (Holiday: Constitution Day), I was running around town hoping it would not hit 8PM before the doors shut on me when I was searching for places to purchase alcohol. I was freaking out as of course, being the LATINA that I am, I waited for the day before to buy what was needed for the festivities the following day, good news, I MADE IT right on time. In short, Oslo City Central is a great location to start your journey or to simply use as a meet up spot.


Just last month, I met up with a local professional photographer at the Oslo Opera House and Bar Code area. There I had the privilege to collaborate with Fabricia, a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Oslo, originally from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. It was an incredible experience, not just because she did amazing work with my lifestyle portraits you see here on this post, but we exchanged experiences and personal thoughts, which later we found ourselves having a lot more in common than expected.

IMG_4457Fabricia Ramiro Photography
Image-1-3Fabricia Ramiro Photography

We both enjoy immersing ourselves in different cultures. That’s where we find our true comfort zone to be. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable has completely opened up another side of us we only dare to continue to discover. Which comes to reveal the true meaning behind me sharing all of my travels with you all.

IMG_4466Fabricia Ramiro Photography
IMG_4461Fabricia Ramiro Photography

Before we begin our journey outside of the City Center lets make sure we have our media of transportation set up. In the city, the methods of transportation are driving a vehicle, cycling, taking a cab (NOT recommended as you’ll end up paying an arm and a leg for a 10min ride), public transportation (tram, bus, T-bane: Metro), and or best method of transportation, walking! You get lost and all but you really get a feel of your surroundings and get to REALLY know the city inside out. Everything within the center is less than a 30 min walk, talk about great cardio!

Image-1-4Fabricia Ramiro Photography

*Fun Fact*

**Norwegian capital is working on creating a renewable district heating system and firmly committing to slashing greenhouse gas emissions. This means they would ban cars from the city, making Oslo the first major European city to have a permanent, complete no-car-zone!**

RUTER is the name of the public transport system in Oslo. Cool thing about this ticket system is it’s convenience! Right outside of the Jernbanetorget station in City Center you can get a RUTER card at the ticket center and top it up for a weeks worth. Only NOK 299ish=36USD for unlimited public transportation. Only tap it when you need to activate, and the rest of the time keep the ticket on you, you will only need it when the ticket patrol are undercover and unexpectedly ask you for your RUTER ticket.

Yes, I was one of those rebellious ones who did not purchase a ticket on my way to the busiest spots in Oslo. Jernbanetorget, the ticket patrols were waiting for all to exit the T-Bane, subway, to start scanning everyone before we could even make it out. Many were fortunate to have activated and paid for their ticket, unlike me, I thought I was going to get away with not having one. Boy was I wrong, $187 wrong that is. We live and learn.

Where to go once Oslo City, Opera House and Barcode are checked off the list? Lets do a 30minute walk or less over to see some more modern architecture and galleries at Aker Brygge!

Image-1-2Fabricia Ramiro Photography
Image-1-1Fabricia Ramiro Photography

As I’m passing the Oslo City Hall, I can see from a distance the gorgeous part of Oslo harbor filled with lovely cafes, restaurants, shopping and bars. A whole day is well spent at the vibrant commercial district. One of my favorite spots to relax is located there, the ESPRESSO HOUSE. This is where I usually go to take in the marina view while sipping on the BEST Chai Latte I PERSONALLY have had yet, along with my “Müslibrød med Brunost” (fruit toast but less sweet with brown “goat cheese”), its delicious!


WOW, talk about a busy and productive day in the city! Best part of all, is that..its not over yet. How do I usually end my night? Hitting the town up with the locals. Fortunately, I can call these locals some of my very dear and close friends. It’s not easy making friends in this country when you’re new in town, majority of the people here have grown up with one another and tend to stick with the same clique all the time.

BUT, there are those who come from different backgrounds OR those Norwegians who have travelled and seen the world, that are opened to making new friends. SO don’t take it personal if some people seem like they don’t want to open up so easily. Norwegians can be very reserved.

FINALLY, it’s autumn time here in the city, leaves are changing colors and the night skies start coming in earlier than usual.


Breeze is kicking in a little bit harder, so I make sure I am bundled up and ready to meet up with some friends at the Asian Fusion Restaurant, ASIA, located at, come on you know this, Aker Brygge. Great interior, great food, for all! Yes they are vegan friendly, vegetarian friendly and for the meat lovers. Come one come all!


Thank you for taking the time to explore one day with me in the heart of the capital of the Viking Country, Oslo, Norway!

We’ll meet again in Oslo Part II journey!

Until next time

Ha det bra! (goodbye, take care!)

IMG_4460Fabricia Ramiro Photography

Hot Topics:

Photography Services, Oslo:

Fabricia Ramiro: www.fabriciaramiro.com

“I`m Fabricia, a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Oslo. Originally I`m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro but I also lived in Houston, TX. I speak Portuguese, English and Norwegian.
I have discovered my passion for photography 11 years ago when I took my first photography class at Rice University, Texas.
I have worked as a dentist for 14 years and from the dentistry, I brought my perfectionist eye to my pictures.
In 2012, I moved to Oslo when finally I decided to follow my heart and started to work as a portrait photographer.
Oslo is an amazing city, a mix of old and modern, the nature is stunning during the four seasons and I like to explore these features on my pictures.”

Where to eat:

  • Espresso House
  • ASIA

Places to visit:

  • Oslo, Airport, Gardermoen
  • Jernbanetorget (Oslo City Center)
  • Oslo Opera House
  • Barcode
  • Aker Brygge






“12 hours in Boston”

“Adventure is worthwile”


Welcome to my first travel post! First out of many I hope

: D

Now without further ado, let’s begin our travel journey…

I had only 12 hours to spare in the Historical city of Boston. Now what to do in such a large city in so little time? Yes I could’ve gone on a hop on hop off bus and had a whole tour of the city’s highlights all in one go, but how would I really get a feel of the city if I’m not even touching the streets with own my bare feet?

I decided to take the local route and I buddied up with Lia, an inspiring photographer from Shanghai who’s been living in Boston for the past four years now. What better way to experience a city with someone who resides there! While taking photos of my day in Boston and admiring it’s beautiful autumn scenery, Lia was leading me to the hidden gems where the locals spend most of their time.


Before I embarked on my journey with Lia l had to make sure I scheduled my day according to the time I had to spare. I arrived from Orlando, Florida at 8:30am to the Logan Boston Airport.


**Ever since September 11th, many airports in the states, including Logan Boston Airport, have gotten rid of the luggage storage service, due to security purposes. Yes, I understand it’s for our safety, but how inconvenient!**

I rushed over to the information desk and asked the lady working there what my options were as where I should leave my bag while I wait for my 9pm flight to Oslo.

With a strong Boston accent she shared, “”Honey you only got two options, either option A or option B, which one do you choose?” Option A: To take a water taxi pay $20 for round trip from airport to city center, whilst they hold your bag, or Option B: Take your luggage into the city with you.

Neither or was a convenient option for me, so I went into survival mode and started to think outside the box. Sometimes my brain comes up with a solution right on the spot. Fortunately, it was one of those moments. I ended up taking my luggage over to the bell service at the Hilton Hotel connected to the airport. They charge only $5 per bag, its less sketchy, and they have a shuttle that takes you straight to the metro, SCORE!



**If you are planning on taking the metro from the airport, round trip tickets cost $5.50 each, you only have to insert ticket on your way in, not out of the metro station, so it’s ok to leave the ticket in your pockets or what not during your trip! ALSO: if you’re planning on going into the city, make sure to take the t-blue metro towards downtown (Bowdoin) and get off at “The Aquarium” stop (ONLY 2 stops). Takes you straight to the city center!**

Once I arrived at the Aquarium stop, I went straight to the Quincy Market, which is right outside of the T-Metro. First thing you hear once stepping out of the metro are the street musicians, showcasing their talent! The smell from the all the amazing food in the Faneuil Hall instantly grabs your attention. Want to know where the best lobster roll in town is? Oh yea Quincy Market marks the spot!


Not sure what food to order? Trust me it took me about half an hour to decide as the market has a strip of a variety of food option, from sea food, to pizza, to bagels, YOU NAME IT!


**You can always make more than one option when it comes to choosing what to eat. As within the same market, there are many shops around, like one of my favorites, UNIQLO 😀 You can burn the food off while shopping. Trust me you’ll get hungry!**

My appointment with Lia was at 1pm, I have already done some scavenger hunting of Boston Market’s before my meeting, so I was ready to let her take the wheel from here on out! Only walking distance from the Quincy Market, right across the street is the Boston Long Wharf Marina. It’s an absolute beauty. The combination of the city building views out into the marina is breathtaking.



**Best time to enjoy a walk through the city will be in autumn time, you can walk all day, not get all sweaty and enjoy the nice breeze. The trees are changing colors, and the sun is hitting your face just at the perfect temperature. It is an unbelievable experience!**



We started making our way to a more local location right into the affluent Back Bay area. It is right along Newbury Street where well-heeled locals frequent designer boutiques are located, fashion chains, patio cafes in elegant brick townhouses and art galleries.



As we strolled along the Paris-Commonwealth Avenue, close to the Boston Public Library and Copley Square, I was in awe taking in all of the city’s historical buildings, architecture, and street views. AHHH I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the scenery around this area, but I was enjoying the moment. Guess you have to take a look for yourself?

Just when I thought my eyes had seen all the beauty in the city, Lia led me into the most charming locale in Boston, Beacon Hill, where the infamous “Cobbled stone street” is located. Try walking in heels through this street! NOT lol. Beacon Hill is filled with quaint streets and beautiful architecture.


After hours of walking, getting lost and exploring, we were ready to eat! We stationed ourselves at the Tate Bakery Café in Beacon Hill, lucky for me we got there just in time when they were transitioning menus and I was able to get breakfast items half off! SCORE AGAIN..

After our meal together at the Tate, we put the camera and phones away and enjoyed a stroll through the beautiful Copley Square as we shared stories and exchanged laughs. Needless to say, it was one day full of adventures, first time encounters, and most of all a day where I felt the Boston love as a local.


Thank you for taking this journey with me!

Until next trip 😀


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Lia Che: Sweet Studio


Where to eat:

  • Quincy Market
  • The Tate Cafe

Site see:

  • Long Wharf Marina
  • Back Bay
  • Beacon Hill
  • Copley Square
  • Newbury Street