I was 12 when I first took off on a plane on my own, ever since it became like my second home. Ahh, it rhymed. Sometimes I like to think of myself as a poet, but then I come back to reality and know that’s not my calling. I am a passionate traveler who has experienced a good glimpse of what the world has to offer. The more of the world I get to taste, the more I want. You can say traveling is an addiction of mine.


It’s not just the traveling aspect that I am so passionate about, but the opportunity one gets to immerse into different cultures. What do I want to take from this blog? I started this blog because when I travel, I enjoy traveling by myself, but in reality, I’m not alone. Everywhere I go many people surround me. Yes, you may call them strangers, which they are, but I see them as an open encyclopedia. The more you open yourself to talk to the locals, the more you get to know about every location you visit.


Which is what brings me to my conclusion of how this blog got started, I want to share my experiences and travels not with one, not two, but many people as its a great feeling to be able to reach places all over the world using this platform. Many enjoy traveling, just like those who inspire to travel. I hope and wish that through my blog, you take the extra leap and learn about other cultures and live a local experience when going to another destination. As you will learn a lot about yourself while, learning about others. In return, the money you spend on traveling becomes an investment, as you take on memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Ready, Set, Travel!