How traveling has helped me become a problem solver….

How traveling has helped me build my business (series)

At times we come across situations we don’t have any control over. When traveling, this can happen a lot more often than we’d like. We can have many flight delays, miss a connecting flight, lose our luggage, get lost in a city of the destination we are completely foreign to, and the list goes on. 

What do you do and how do you respond to moments such as these that are out of your control? When these challenges occur, one needs to be quick to think, with fewer emotions attached and more rational thinking. Just like in traveling, when unforeseen circumstances happen in business settings, one needs to develop a proficient sense of identifying the problem, creating a solution and being quick to deliver. 

Problem-solving is one of the most important aspects of having a successful business. Businesses that succeed in their industry are the ones who already present a solution to a problem their end-user is facing. To be able to deliver a solution, the problem must be assessed, analyzed, and acted upon. 

Ways I have been able to identify and assess a problem through my travels and develop the proper skill sets for my business:

  • Taking a step back and looking from the outside in
  • Being slow to act and quick to think (analyze the situation before acting impulsively)
  • Identify what my end goal is and start to look at what my different options are to reach the goal (if it’s to get to destination X, and my flight canceled, I know my main focus is to get to my final destination)
  • Evaluate the options to make a sound and effective decision
  • Once I have completed these steps listed above, I take ACTION! 
  • If one decision failed, IT’S OK! I have other options that were evaluated that I can amend accordingly to the outcome of my first decision and try again, and again until the goal has been met (being mindful of not repeating the same steps that did not work, but amending the other decisions evaluated to come up with the solid solution). 

Back in school, we learn the term of analysis/problem assessment and how to effectively apply it to our studies and problem-solving. The same factor can be used in our day-to-day lives as a professional and traveler. Having implemented these problem identifiers and solution makers have been a game-changer for my business, my personal life, and my travels. 

When problems in your travels, day-to-day, or work-life occur, take a step back and know, this is only the beginning to developing a strong skill set that can change the course of your business or your travel journey. 

What did you think about this short article? Was it helpful? How will you start applying this to your life?

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