How Traveling has helped me build my business empire…PT I

How Traveling has helped me build my business empire…PT I

Why are we so quick to book a flight without worrying too much about the total cost when purchasing our travel tickets? I could share with you the answer based on my personal experience, which I know others can resonate with.

When booking your travel ticket, you don’t think about the price that’s attached, on the other hand, you are quick to hit that ‘book my trip button’ with just the thoughts of the memories, growth, adventures, and experiences you will encounter. That thought alone is priceless.

Have you ever stopped to think that booking that flight overseas, or even a few states away or provinces can change the way you work, interact, think, and carry yourself?

Traveling impacts an individual in almost every aspect without one even realizing it. Defining my purpose through traveling is one factor I was able to unravel with my 10+ years of travel experiences and has led me to develop effective business skill sets that I have implemented into my business.

Traveling helps you define your purpose: 

When you are planning your travels, you have to undergo a strategic whirlpool of event planning, forecasting, and mindful thinking. You have to reflect and start asking questions like, “what do I want to get out of this trip?”, “what do I want to experience?” “How much should I budget for my journey”.

When planning your travels, you start to set goals, milestones and invest your time and money in getting prepared for your travel ventures. What if you start implementing this same thought and planning process into your day-to-day life? Ask yourself, what your goals are, what the deadlines to reaching those goals are? Have you prepared a checklist of what you’ll need to start to execute those goals? What will you do once those goals are met?

These are the same questions we must ask ourselves when we start planning our trips. Once those questions have been answered, we have prepared ourselves for a successful trip which results in having a memorable travel journey. After our travels, we tend to find out we are good at travel planning and want to challenge ourselves to plan for our next adventure.

Imagine the feeling of overcoming any personal or professional goals, you will be surprised just what you will accomplish in your life. You will develop the desire to continue challenging yourself to create more personal and professional ventures.

Traveling is more than just an experience, but an investment in oneself.

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