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“To travel is to learn and grow as an individual”

For all travel enthusiasts around the world, if you are looking for ways to start & grow your business, idea and fund your future travels, this message is for you.

ConnectLearn & Grow with others from around the world.

Traveling has saved me as a person. I was not a good student growing up. At school, I was picked as the most likely NOT to succeed. I never took my future seriously. I was going down the path of not graduating. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to travel my last couple of years in high school and learn about different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles that changed my whole perspective.

I finally had a purpose of wanting to work hard and continue learning about other cultures outside of my own. I found a love for learning, achieving, and setting goals. I took that passion through my undergrad and postgrad studies in the States and Abroad. My studies led me to connect with others from around the world and start a career out of what I loved doing most, TRAVELINGsharing, and curating content.

Through my education, I was able to meet individuals from all over the world, who became more than just friends but more like family. Through my travels, I was able to create my dream career. NO, it was never easy, nor will any career be, but it has been a learning adventure that I am excited to share.

The Experience

Through a very similar expereince, I have created an educational platform where travel enthusiats can build relationships with people from around the world while gaining the skills-sets and knowledge needed to start an online business venture.

Ready to learn how to build a business and about other cultures? Get prepared for a business venture and become more culturally competent for your future travels! 



Published by Jessica Fernanda Prieto

A travel enthusiast who has been traveling for over 15 years & made a living out of doing what she loves most. Now she enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge with others to help them start their journey to funding their future trips.

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