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FT: Fashion Designer By Van Der Crussen

As an avid traveler and online journalist, I rely on social media to share my travels and content with others. Using social media platforms has opened up many new friendships, ideas, and opportunities for me. What we thought would be impossible before, seems to be more than possible with a simple comment, like, or follow to someone we connect with or look up to. The digital space has broken barriers that have brought people around the world closer and bring creatives to light.

It all started with a follow from fashion designer, Mimmi Van Der Crussen. After checking out her page on Instagram I noticed that her brand had much more than just a vision behind its story. Since I was in the area, I decided to send her a quick message regarding meeting her in person to get to know more about her and her journey. Little did I know, I would get such a rapid response from her and get the chance to take part in a behind the scenes photoshoot campaign for her new coat collection.


Mimmi Van Der Crussen is the face behind the sustainable fashion clothing line named after herself, By Van Der Crussen (pronounced
By-Fan-Der-Krusen). To say her coat collection is an inspiration is an understatement. When I arrived at the location of the photoshoot I really didn’t know what to expect. We had only exchanged a brief conversation over Direct Messaging on Instagram and before you know it, I was meeting her in person, trying on her coats and getting a chance to be part of her journey.

Once I arrived at the photo shoot location, Mimmi greeted me with such a warm hug and a big smile from ear to ear, she was happy to see there were so many people on her side supporting her on her big vision, a vision that changed her life.


After the photoshoot, Mimmi and I kept in touch, she invited me for dinner with her and her friends after the photoshoot. I thought it was so kind, genuine and humble of her to include me in her after plans, this was only the beginning of getting to know the type of kind person she is.

I had to pass on the invitation since I had other obligations, however, we scheduled a coffee date later on the following week to catch up and get some one-on-one time.

The day of the meeting with Mimmi had come and as I was heading over to the cafe where we were meeting, on my way there she decided it would be best to go over to her house instead. Once I arrived at her home I felt like I really had the chance to get to know more of the person behind the revolutionary sustainable brand.

As I walked in I couldn’t help but notice her creativity in every corner of her house. Spread across the hallway entrance, there were portrait paintings and masterpieces of hers hanging that led you to the living room area where her infamous sewing machine was stationed. The sewing machine, the main component of what helped Mimmi’s vision come to life.


Mimmi’s educational background is in sewing, pattern making, and fashion design. She also has a bachelor degree in retail design, which she’s been working with up until two years ago. Coming from a stable work environment, Mimmi knew that she needed something better for herself. In her younger years, she was referred to as “waste”, and with the rough experiences she has encountered throughout her adult years, she felt as she was just “waste”. The beauty of this challenging moment in her life was when she used what others would see as “waste” to create a treasurable and valuable masterpiece. Have you ever heard that saying, one man’s trash is another person’s treasure? Mimmi’s story is exactly that and much more!

Last summer, just less than a year ago, Mimmi was listening to a podcast, “Power Ladies Podcast” that inspired her to take charge of her future. After going through a really tough time in her life and living in depression, lack of confidence and self-awareness, she gradually started to work on self-development. She had come to a point where she felt better and ready for new challenges. The podcast gave her the push she needed to help straighten the curved paths in her way.

The podcast was interviewing another woman entrepreneur who started a business from a passion of hers. In the podcast, she mentioned how the now very successful cake bakery was born by her filling up her living room full of baked goods. Mimmi felt as the podcast was speaking directly to her- telling her to fill up her living room with fabrics. With a push and a vision that is exactly what Mimmi did! She started to replace her fears, challenges, and doubts with her love for creating stunning pieces from leftover furniture fabrics.


All of the coats are handmade by Mimmi herself. Each detail, each button and each seam of her first collection has been created out of full distress, challenges and fears from her past experiences that she later converted into a self-caring, life-changing and impactful brand. Anxiety, fear and lack of confidence are three of the most common factors society faces today. These three factors can hinder us from moving forward and excelling into our best potential. Mimmi saw an opportunity to use her passion as a way to help her out of her depression and anxiety.


Today she has developed very strong daily routines that help reach the full potential of each day and enjoy each project on a positive and zen-filling process. Self-care is very important in Mimmi’s ritual routines, starting off the days with breathing exercises instead of jumping straight to her phone. She has replaced what would be considered as distractions with self-awareness and self-development tactics that help her really listen to herself and develop more self love each day.

Her positive outlook in life and courageous attitude reflects on her fashion coat line. Mimmi wants her brand to be known as the result of bringing something that is considered “waste” to life. Her goal is not to create a brand that others see as an A class fancy garment, but a brand that has meaning, a story, and life behind it all.

A rough past turned into a bright future full of opportunities, and a life changer. By Van Der Crussen is a brand that inspires others to live to their fullest potential, to be yourself, and to never give up, just push through the toughest paths, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Today June 13th, 2019, By Van Der Crussen has its launch in Oslo, Norway! Please join Mimmi through her journey and as she sails off into the seas of success!


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