When in Vegas… Dim Sum it up! Wait what?

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

Yes I know what you are probably thinking, when in Vegas, party it up in sin city right? Well, let me share with you a different side of Las Vegas you probably do not see or hear much about. I was invited to a friendly weekend reunion a couple weeks ago and we all gathered from California and Florida and met up in sin city. When we arrived in Vegas early in the AM, our Floridian biological time was on lunch mode and ready to devour everything in sight (Florida is on eastern time, 3 hours ahead, while Vegas, Nevada is on Pacific time).

**Quick Tip**

*If you are taking Uber/Lyft make sure to look for the “rideshare” or “Uber” signs, this goes for any location in Vegas. There are very strict guidelines where such cab companies are permitted to pick you up. *

Our first stop was outside of the Vegas strip right into good old China Town. We arrived at Yum Cha Chinese Restaurant just 10 minutes before they opened their doors. The friendly staff welcomed us right away, even though there was 5 minutes left until they opened. We picked a table and sat down ready to demolish some good Dim Sum. HUGE perk of arriving 10 minutes before they opened was experiencing the first batch of Dim Sum of the day. The smell of the fish cakes, pork buns, chicken feet, etc., slithered threw all of the 5 senses in my body giving me goose bumps.


Dim Sum is like the Chinese tapas and buffet. Unlike a buffet, Dim Sum restaurants charge you per plate out of the trolley. You don’t pay a fixed price. However, the food and experience is worth every penny you end up paying after your meal. Both your belly and your wallet are happy, it’s definitely a smart spend. Great quality of food for reasonable prices, take my money!

After the meal, we still had a good amount of time left before the rest of the group arrived. SO we decided to digest the food and walk it off in China Town. During our digesting session we came across many different shops that caught our attention, one in particular brought our curious bug into play and drew us in, the Feng Shui shop.

**Fun Fact**

*Feng Shui is an ancient study of harmony and energy flow between you and your physical surroundings. In the Asian culture Feng (wind) Shui (water) is taken into account when siting or designing buildings, etc.*

Once entering the “World of Feng Shui” shop you catch yourself looking through every corner in awe and amazement. From small gold statues to large ceramic and china plated home ornaments, everything was stationed in a position that will bring good luck, health and wealth. For example, the “lucky frog” is placed facing inwards away from the front door. This way wealth will be welcomed in. After spending a good amount of time learning and picking out what would be the best buy, we found a good luck Japanese cat that caught our eye! This cat had a red fish painted on the bottom, meaning abundance. The lucky cat was one to fall for at first glance!


**Fun Fact**

*After your purchase, everything you buy goes through a cleansing process. Each item is individually placed in a large bowl. Then the clearing ritual takes place to clear it from any negative energy *

After our feast and shopping spree we were ready to take a rest. This called for an ASIAN Reflexology Foot Massage at Spring Spa & Massage! Immediately after sitting down I began to experience the magical journey of my feet lifting from the ground and my body solely floating on thin air when they started digging into the deepest tissues of my feet. But WAIT there’s more! After the foot massage was finished I walked over to another room and prepared for my body massage. You haven’t experienced a full body massage, Asian style? You are in for a treat!

How about a mini preview? Once you enter the spa facility your body automatically transforms into a peaceful state of mind. The smooth sounds of the ocean’s current kissing the shores, the aroma from the nature scented candles and the gentle touches of the oil slipping off every pore of your body as they dig in through muscle tissues and releasing any stress and tension there is, while stretching your body in ways you only see yoga professionals do, which is all one heck of an experience. I had to take advantage and experience it twice during my trip, one time by myself, and the other time as a group!


I walked out feeling rejuvenated from the massage session and ready to continue the journey, sounds like a lot was covered in less than a day right? This was only the beginning. After the massage session we made a pit stop at Lee’s Sandwiches just for their Vietnamese coffee, if you haven’t had it before, it’s a must! The coffee is stirred and poured over ice with condensed milk, talk about having your dose of caffeine taste like candy, every sip comes a long with a smile on the face.

With such an adventurous time in China Town, the hotel was calling our name to recharge before the rest of the group arrived. We checked in at Aria Resort & Spa. Once we entered the contemporary modern architecture captured our attention. Walking through the hotel over to the lobby, the sounds of the slot machines reminded us exactly where we were, Vegas Baby! Once I stepped foot into the room, the sheer curtains automatically opened and welcomed in its spectacular view of the dessert’s mountains and city strip full of resorts, restaurants and sky views.


When we left China Town and entered the heart of sin city, we were ready to take on the weekend and enjoy some quality time together. This was a weekend full of adventures consisting of good food, gambling (winning and loosing some money, more losing than winning lol), and sightseeing. Most of all making memories that will always be reminisced…Vegas Baby!



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2 thoughts on “When in Vegas… Dim Sum it up! Wait what?

  1. I have actually lived in Las Vegas my entire life and never did I once explore Chinatown. I NEED TO. haha dim sum is my jam. ALSO, I work at Aria! I hope you enjoyed your stay there 😊

    1. Lol! I’m glad I was able to open up another side of Vegas for you. I have to admit, it’s been hard to top off the dim sum I had in Vegas. I’ll go back just for the food in China Town. Wow! Aria is AMAZING! We sure loved it there, it was just too short of a stay. Definitely recommend anyone going to Vegas to stay there. Also, check me out on insta to keep traveling with Curls: travelwithcurls ☺️

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