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Oslo, Norway(Part II): I’m on TOP of the City!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

Ever thought of exploring the Viking country? Well if you’ve read my last post about Norway, you get a feel of a day in the heart of Oslo. Now, lets take a step north of the city over to Grefsenkollen.

Grefsenkollen is a peak of the northeast, it has Oslo’s forest at its back and the city and fjord at its feet still near the Centre of town! On your way up there you can do some hiking through the scenic forest, “Lillomarka”. I’ve always wondered how everyone in Norway manages to keep up his or her nice physiques, from the younger generation to the older generation. After experiencing firsthand some of the beautiful trails the city has to offer, now I can see where their motivation to stay fit comes from. The city’s hiking trails definitely beats 5 minutes on a treadmill!

**Fun Fact**

*The road taking you up to Grefsenkollen (Grefsenkollveien) is very popular among cyclists and runners due to its steep incline.*

Ahh once you’ve arrived on Grefsenkollen ground, you get a whole other view of the city, yes your legs will feel like jello after the hike, but with such great views of the fjords, city, and surrounding forests, you’ll find it worthwhile!

After reaching the top of the hill, take advantage and visit the beautiful notched log house from 1926, the Michelin Star Restaurant, Grefsenkollen. Once you enter, every step is one to take in and admire. Located just a floor down the restaurant is OverOslo Bar. Here you can find local Norwegian Brewed beer, a black Americano, cappuccino, etc.

AND the MOST important thing on the menu for breakfast, the infamous Norwegian waffles! It’s a must try, for sure! What makes Norwegian waffles different from other waffles? Good question :p  Well, for starters they are heart shaped! You can’t not love hearts right?

All jokes aside, waffles are the epitome of Nordic hospitality and warmth. Waffles are just as important to Norwegians as the croissant is to the French, LITERALLY; in short, it’s a feeling of being at home. Now everything that I just described of the Norwegian waffle is exactly what your taste buds will encounter during each bite. With this waffle, you can get a bite of the Nordic taste.

(Unlike the Belgium waffles, Norwegian waffles are large, soft and fluffy. Soured milk is replaced by fresh milk. The toppings are simple but yummy: slices of Norwegian brown cheese, a spread of sour cream and jam or just a sprinkling of sugar. )

**Quick Tip**

*To get to Grefsenkollen, you can go to Storo and take the bus 56 direction “Solemskogen” and get off at “Akebakken” which is 7minutes away. The hike from the bus stop to the top take about 30 minutes.*

After exploring the hill of Grefsenkollen, take a seat back, relax, and soak in the Nordic crisp air, whilst capturing the scenic panorama of the city from a different angle. Up, up and away from the northeast clouds of the hill, no matter the season, it’s always one view you’ll have to see in person. Pictures only capture a temporary frontal view, while experiencing it first hand captures a 360 image that will last a lifetime.

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