“12 hours in Boston”

“Adventure is worthwile”


Welcome to my first travel post! First out of many I hope

: D

Now without further ado, let’s begin our travel journey…

I had only 12 hours to spare in the Historical city of Boston. Now what to do in such a large city in so little time? Yes I could’ve gone on a hop on hop off bus and had a whole tour of the city’s highlights all in one go, but how would I really get a feel of the city if I’m not even touching the streets with own my bare feet?

I decided to take the local route and I buddied up with Lia, an inspiring photographer from Shanghai who’s been living in Boston for the past four years now. What better way to experience a city with someone who resides there! While taking photos of my day in Boston and admiring it’s beautiful autumn scenery, Lia was leading me to the hidden gems where the locals spend most of their time.


Before I embarked on my journey with Lia l had to make sure I scheduled my day according to the time I had to spare. I arrived from Orlando, Florida at 8:30am to the Logan Boston Airport.


**Ever since September 11th, many airports in the states, including Logan Boston Airport, have gotten rid of the luggage storage service, due to security purposes. Yes, I understand it’s for our safety, but how inconvenient!**

I rushed over to the information desk and asked the lady working there what my options were as where I should leave my bag while I wait for my 9pm flight to Oslo.

With a strong Boston accent she shared, “”Honey you only got two options, either option A or option B, which one do you choose?” Option A: To take a water taxi pay $20 for round trip from airport to city center, whilst they hold your bag, or Option B: Take your luggage into the city with you.

Neither or was a convenient option for me, so I went into survival mode and started to think outside the box. Sometimes my brain comes up with a solution right on the spot. Fortunately, it was one of those moments. I ended up taking my luggage over to the bell service at the Hilton Hotel connected to the airport. They charge only $5 per bag, its less sketchy, and they have a shuttle that takes you straight to the metro, SCORE!



**If you are planning on taking the metro from the airport, round trip tickets cost $5.50 each, you only have to insert ticket on your way in, not out of the metro station, so it’s ok to leave the ticket in your pockets or what not during your trip! ALSO: if you’re planning on going into the city, make sure to take the t-blue metro towards downtown (Bowdoin) and get off at “The Aquarium” stop (ONLY 2 stops). Takes you straight to the city center!**

Once I arrived at the Aquarium stop, I went straight to the Quincy Market, which is right outside of the T-Metro. First thing you hear once stepping out of the metro are the street musicians, showcasing their talent! The smell from the all the amazing food in the Faneuil Hall instantly grabs your attention. Want to know where the best lobster roll in town is? Oh yea Quincy Market marks the spot!


Not sure what food to order? Trust me it took me about half an hour to decide as the market has a strip of a variety of food option, from sea food, to pizza, to bagels, YOU NAME IT!


**You can always make more than one option when it comes to choosing what to eat. As within the same market, there are many shops around, like one of my favorites, UNIQLO 😀 You can burn the food off while shopping. Trust me you’ll get hungry!**

My appointment with Lia was at 1pm, I have already done some scavenger hunting of Boston Market’s before my meeting, so I was ready to let her take the wheel from here on out! Only walking distance from the Quincy Market, right across the street is the Boston Long Wharf Marina. It’s an absolute beauty. The combination of the city building views out into the marina is breathtaking.



**Best time to enjoy a walk through the city will be in autumn time, you can walk all day, not get all sweaty and enjoy the nice breeze. The trees are changing colors, and the sun is hitting your face just at the perfect temperature. It is an unbelievable experience!**



We started making our way to a more local location right into the affluent Back Bay area. It is right along Newbury Street where well-heeled locals frequent designer boutiques are located, fashion chains, patio cafes in elegant brick townhouses and art galleries.



As we strolled along the Paris-Commonwealth Avenue, close to the Boston Public Library and Copley Square, I was in awe taking in all of the city’s historical buildings, architecture, and street views. AHHH I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the scenery around this area, but I was enjoying the moment. Guess you have to take a look for yourself?

Just when I thought my eyes had seen all the beauty in the city, Lia led me into the most charming locale in Boston, Beacon Hill, where the infamous “Cobbled stone street” is located. Try walking in heels through this street! NOT lol. Beacon Hill is filled with quaint streets and beautiful architecture.


After hours of walking, getting lost and exploring, we were ready to eat! We stationed ourselves at the Tate Bakery Café in Beacon Hill, lucky for me we got there just in time when they were transitioning menus and I was able to get breakfast items half off! SCORE AGAIN..

After our meal together at the Tate, we put the camera and phones away and enjoyed a stroll through the beautiful Copley Square as we shared stories and exchanged laughs. Needless to say, it was one day full of adventures, first time encounters, and most of all a day where I felt the Boston love as a local.


Thank you for taking this journey with me!

Until next trip 😀


Quick Links:

Photography services:

Lia Che: Sweet Studio


Where to eat:

  • Quincy Market
  • The Tate Cafe

Site see:

  • Long Wharf Marina
  • Back Bay
  • Beacon Hill
  • Copley Square
  • Newbury Street






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